Inhaling from your e-cigarette can be very relaxing when the weather warm. It’s awesome to be able to kick back and enjoy fresh flavours on the balcony when the weathers sunny, but outdoor vaping becomes a little bit less pleasant when the weather turns chilly. If you live in a particularly cold climate, vaping can become a nightmare when your e-cigarette just won’t cooperate in the cold weather. There’s something to be said for enjoying nice warm vapour on a cold winters day, but only if you can get it to work. Luckily, we’ve got some tips for making it easier and ensuring you can enjoy your e-cigarette year round.


Keep your e-cig and accessories out of the cold when you can

When you’re not outside vaping, keep your e-cigarette and e-juice out of the cold. You’ll notice that your e-juice doesn’t freeze at the same temperature but that doesn’t mean it won’t in sub-zero temperatures. Really cold weather and frozen nicotine e-liquid can ruin it, causing your formula to separate or turn into a sticky unusable mess after defrosting. Cold temperatures could also cause your e-cigarette to crack or break, and if left outside on a windy, winter’s day it might get knocked over a damaged. Colder weather can also reduce your battery life, meaning you’ll get less out of your e-cigarette.


Use water and lip balm

lip balm

Vaping can be slightly dehydrating, which can be a problem in any season but you’ll probably find that your lips get dried and cracked after using your e-cigarette in winter. Try bringing a long a bottle of water and some lip balm to stop your lips from getting too dry and to prevent dehydration while you vape. Just be careful on extremely cold days, as wet lips could stick to your device.


Don’t take really long draws

Cold temperatures will reduce the throat hit you get from your e-cigarette because the cold temperatures will naturally work against your atomiser and impact on its output. When your heating coil is trying to work in extremely cold temperatures, you can expect that it will be slightly less efficient than usual, so don’t take extremely long draws in the winter as you’re likely to overwork the atomiser, end up with e-liquid in your mouth and reduce the battery life. Cold temperature are known to reduce battery life by up to 70% and can do lasting damage to batteries, so if it’s a particularly cold winters day try keeping your e-cig somewhere warm or close to your body heat.


Keep it out of the rain

A strong downpour and your e-cigarette will not place nice, so it’s important to keep your e-cigarette out of the rain. Getting your device drenched will likely kill it and prevent it from working in the future, as it can ruin the internal components inside your e-cigarette. In the same way you’d have problems after dropping your e-cigarette in the bath or pool, heavy rains will not end well for your device. You’ll also find that getting water in your e-juice will ruin the formula, so keep e-juices sealed and away from the rain.

Winter can be freezing and cold temperatures can make it difficult to enjoy the experience of vaping or ruin your equipment all together. Keeping a few strategies in mind to prevent cold weather damage to e-cigarettes and your e-juice can save you a lot of headache and ensure that vaping remains a fun experience, even when the weathers cold! Try out our suggestions next time the weather turns cold and enjoy some warming vapour!