Rubbish removal has become one of the most important problems in our modern day society. People face more trouble than the need to preserve the environment mostly in urban areas. Normally the garbage is disposed in urban areas. In cities there is no controlled structure for the garbage disposal. Every year it costs more money for the government to recycle the waste than collecting it.

As technology develops the old equipment’s get thrown out in a regular basis, which means an increase in electric and electronic waste, there are many reasons behind such environment problems. The main reason for this is the factories, as it stands the industrial institutions produce more than eighty thousand types of chemicals. Inefficient way of waste transportation can lead to an ideal place for fungus and bacteria to grow. This in time will cause an increase in contagious deceases. Garbage growth has been a crisis to all the major cities all around the world.


Landfills are one of the conventional ways in which we used to dispose the waste but this has become a source of foul smell and illness. The different types of rubbish materials disposed in the ground can easily contaminate our air and water bodies, however, the awareness campaigns conducted by the governments helped to create a better understanding among people on their duties and responsibilities in taking care of our surroundings. Bio degradable materials being launched as a response is a great boost in saving the environment. Compared to plastic and metallic wastes the paper and bio degradable materials will decompose into soil, thereby reducing pollution.

In some cities the debris shifting to oceans is a major concern, as it affects the aquatic animals. The thought of reuse, refuse and recycle is considered as a revolutionary idea as it helps us to maintain the balance of garbage being thrown into the ocean. This concept of rubbish removal mainly revolves around the thought that the plastic, glass and metals should be recycled and reused to avoid contamination of the environment.

The vortexes in the oceans act as a defensive mechanism to such waste materials. These materials will accumulate at the centre of the vortex. In most of the cases these will be tiny bits of plastics and it holds a lion share in the amount of pollutants in water bodies. These contaminants can be seen deposited along the shores of many beaches acts as a reminder about our actions. Disposal of debris directly into the oceans has caused such a crisis in the first place. In modern day communities and governments have taken steps to collect garbage as an initiative of rubbish removal and send it to recycling plants to use the waste for reusing and to control the pollution rates. The developments in technology have allowed us to convert the wastes into useful items such as pen, manure and so on.

In some cities the plastic wastes are used to make manhole covers thereby, making the waste materials to have a better use. This method will help us to bring the cost of several items to a minimum as the raw material cost has been reducing tremendously. So through an efficient rubbish removal process we can reduce the pollution as well as to have a brighter future.