Every SEO expert should come to recognize what a quality app can do for the brand of a business.

What started out as a means of using a smartphone for practical and educational use has suddenly transformed into an economy all unto itself.

Companies are utilizing the app to generate a new source of income and to attract users from various backgrounds all around the globe.

Here we will outline why this is such a popular movement in the commercial landscape.


Assists Decision Making Process

Using real time data gleaned from reports is what separates a great digital marketing agency in Sydney from the others. With a majority of app designers offering their clients the capacity to run diagnostics on download rates, fluctuations in use, demographics of consumers and more information, they can help to shape their ideal customer profile.

Working off that framework empowers managers to make executive decisions for the long-term benefit of the business by tapping into metrics secured from the product. Discover user behaviour and cater your message to that response.


Added Exposure

There is little question when it comes to apps in the digital marketing sphere that your brand boosts their exposure to the marketplace. Mobile phone users spend approximately 2 hours per day on their hand-held device and with the advent of push notifications, your business can be visible and front of mind for the consumer at a far higher ratio than ever before. Take into account the amount of time spent on these devices and the potential to be part of the app community on Google Play store or Apple iTunes and you begin to understand why this is so appealing.


Increased Customer Value

Digital marketing Sydney specialists are always on the case to business brands about “adding value.” It can be a fairly vague concept to grapple with, but the bottom line is simple – the greater the value of content/product/service you provide to the customer, the higher the volume of business you secure. A modern day 2018 app has the power to provide a litany of value:

  • Checking customer information and profiles
  • Accessing customer service portals
  • Accessing videos, images and audio files
  • Sending news alerts and push notifications
  • Playing interactive games
  • Providing educational tips
  • Providing practical tools (e.g. flashlight, clock)

Take advantage of this option because online communities thrive off fun, helpful and interactive apps.


Limitless Customisation Potential

When we think of mobile apps, we often think of our favourite go-to boxes that we utilise on a daily basis. From banking apps to social media extensions and communication brands such as WhatsApp and Skype, these are hot button products that entice a high user rate. In the context of digital marketing, there are few strident rules that apply for enterprises to create and run an application. You can use a template that attempts to offer a user-friendly outlet, but an app can be anything you want it to be given that you have a designer and resources on hand to make that dream come true.


Simple User Opt-In Process

The majority of niches in the business world require a fairly standardised call to action (CTA) moment where the end result is an opt-in signature or the processing of a credit card to complete a transaction. In the domain of digital marketing, the longer this stage is drawn out, the more likely the consumer is to walk away for good.

In the age of the app where attention spans are minimal and that CTA stage is finite, a well-designed application can entice buy in immediately without the consumer giving much of a second thought. Simplifying this process helps all parties, but particularly the brand when it comes to securing market share.