If you’re a recent legal school graduate or just a solicitor looking for a new branch to join, then you’ll naturally be keeping your eyes and ears open for a local child custody lawyers firm that is hiring. While you may have all the minimum required qualifications, does your resume stand out and do you possess the core traits that a contemporary law firm is looking for?

The following will examine some of the most important traits that a law firm is going to look for when hiring new partners.



Being a solicitor means you will often need to work long hours on a case and sacrifice some of your free time when the crunch hits. A law firm wants to hire someone who has the endurance and drive to push through such demands without complaining, chiefly because they are focused on the end goal.

Nobody wants to hire someone who’s unmotivated and needs to be prodded into action. Make it clear that you are someone who can be trusted to give 110%. They will be more eager to send clients your way when they know you will go above and beyond to get results.


Experience and expertise

It’s no secret that almost every facet of the legal industry has a lot of complexity, and this is necessary because of how much room for doubt an unclear legal definition has. Because there is so much to remember, the amount of knowledge you have retained or can call upon quickly is going to be highly valuable to any hiring law firm.

The more experience and expertise you can demonstrate on your resume and in your interview, the more chance of success you will have. Any sensible business is going to gravitate towards recruitment candidates that can hit the ground running on day one.


Communication skills

As a solicitor, you written and oral communicative skill set is just as important as your ability to work long hours performing legal research. You need to be able to communicate with clients, judges and others in a clear and concise manner.

This also extends to your rhetorical ability to argue on behalf of your clients and this will also depend on what practise area you specialise in. For example, a family lawyer will need communication skills more than a finance lawyer.


Past achievements

A law firm that’s recruiting could be looking at hundreds of different applicants and it might be that your noteworthy past achievements are the only thing that catches any notice. If you have accomplished something impressive in your career, make it known.

Remember; a law firm doesn’t just want another solicitor, they are always going to want to find someone ‘special’ who can get results. Make it clear that you are that special someone and not just another person in a crowd.


Presentation and attitude

When law firms compete with one another, it often comes down to the image they project to clients about their professionalism and tact. This means that they don’t want to hire someone who’s unkempt and doesn’t take care of their hygiene or physical appearance.

There you have it, 5 key traits a law firm is going to look for when they are recruiting new solicitors. Remember to show confidence in your interview and do as much research as you can on the business you are applying at.